Rapid Ascent

Ep.6: AIDS survivor, cancer survivor and supreme adventure racer

October 15, 2019

In the 1990s, Deanna Blegg was a super-fit 24-year-old. But she soon became a super-sick 24-year-old. She lost 20 kilograms in six weeks. She had constant fevers, sweats, nausea, and swollen glands. She could barely stand without passing out.

A round of antibiotics had no effect. So she went back to the doctor who gave her the bad news... she was HIV-positive.

Just two years later, HIV developed into AIDS—a process Deanna had been told would take 10 years. Her doctors gave her six months to live. 

Tuner in to hear what happened next and her remarkable entry into the world of adventure racing with Rapid Ascent.

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